Try to focus on the positive.

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follow link I was reflecting on the day our daughter, Courtney, graduated from high school. Amidst all of the celebration of that day, though, I couldn’t help but think of our son, Brandon’s, high school graduation three years prior. As I sat in the stands, watching his future and all the promise of things to come unfolding, I was completely unaware that in just a few days, at my appointment for my annual mammogram, our lives would be completely turned upside down. That is when my breast cancer was first detected and I began a fight that would last for 1 1/2 years.
So on the day of her graduation, I let the memories come in, as I’ve learned that trying to keep them out is a futile attempt. But as I’ve also learned to do, I processed them, remembering what I have gained, and putting them away. Then I focused on Courtney and her overwhelming joy that this day had finally arrived for her. This was the time to sit in the stands and watch her future, and all of it’s promise, unfolding. Her path will be vastly different from Brandon’s, but that is okay. It didn’t diminish that day for her, and it is that positive thought that I stayed focused on, keeping the memories of three years ago tucked away for the time being.

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