Courtney’s House Programs

Inclusion; finding & sharing one’s strengths; accepting, and even celebrating, the qualities that make us unique.  These goals are at the heart of our mission and programs at Courtney’s House.  As a nonprofit resource center for adults with developmental disabilities, we offer social, vocational  and enrichment opportunities aimed at helping each individual reach their fullest potential.

Enrichment Program


3 hour gathering of up to 6 participants, providing an opportunity to learn vocational and life skills, as well as participate in community outings.  These are held every Monday and Thursday afternoon, from 3-6pm, and each month include a session of our Art and Music Clubs.


     Music Club – Facilitated by Rich & Laura of Arts for Living, these 1 ½ hour sessions offer a chance to explore music and instruments in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere.

     Art Club – Facilitated by Tisha Smith, formerly of Boyd & Bradley Art Studio, she helps our participants create their own unique work of art.

Social Groups

These evening gatherings of up to 6 participants are designed to allow the development and practice of social skills and promote the building of connections and friendships.

Fig at Courtney’s House


This fully operational café, run by Chris Dillow and her staff, was created to provide community-based job training opportunities.  A job coach works with the trainees in each 3-hour shift to help them learn a variety of vocational and life skills.