Donate to Courtney’s House and help make a difference

Courtney is a 23-year old girl with a beautiful smile, an infectious 
laugh, and a great sense of humor. 
She also has autism and an intellectual disability. 
We founded Courtney’s House, a nonprofit Resource Center, to assist 
young adults like Courtney, and their families. 
Our goal is to offer these adults a safe, supportive environment where they can reach their fullest potential, while lending needed support to their families and caregivers.

Through our vocational and enrichment programs we help these young adults find and celebrate their strengths and their value to our community – and we help our community see the strengths and value that are inherent in each of these wonderful individuals.  By accepting and celebrating the qualities that make them unique, we enrich their lives, the lives of their families and our community as a whole.

All who are involved with Courtney’s House and Fig @ Courtney’s House are dedicated to making this 
Resource Center a beneficial part of our community. Any donation you make 
is greatly appreciated, 
and will help us tremendously in our efforts to provide vocational training and enriching opportunities. Thank you for your 
interest and support.

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