Vocational Training Program

source “Fig at Courtney’s House” cafe is our platform for our vocational training program.  Job coaches support the trainees as they participate in the running of the restaurant and learn a variety of skills that can be translated to potential employment opportunities in the community.

Enrichment Program- up to 6 participants – $20 – 3 hours long″t-x-18″w/feed/ Our Enrichment Program offers focused training opportunities, along with life skills tutorials and community outings.

Social Groups – up to 6 participants – $25 – 2.5 hours long

click P6198176_edited-4Our social groups provide an opportunity for adults with developmental disabilities to practice and improve their leisure and social skills in a small group setting.

*For more information or to sign up for a particular program, please email us at: or call us at (805)434-3895.


Lecture Series

Through a collaboration with Parents Helping Parents, guest speakers will be invited to provide information and answer questions on a variety of topics including: Conservatorship, SSI, Continuing Education, Safety, Living Arrangements, Job Placement, etc.

You can find other special events on our calendar.


“Wired Like This” Social Club       

AWARENESS – ACCEPTANCE – INCLUSION                                      

Mission Statement:    “Wired Like This” is a student-run organization designed to provide an inclusive environment wherein teen and young adults of all parts of the autism spectrum can better themselves and flourish socially in our community.

Breaking barriers, making connections – 

WLT members advocate to create acceptance of autism and strive to help all autistic students develop and improve their social skills with fun social activities, friendships and unity. Various meetings and activities will take place throughout the month and will be listed on our calendar of events. A dedicated website will be coming soon!

We are proud to sponsor the “Wired Like This” Social Club, which is geared specifically for individuals who have received, or are on track to receive, their high school diploma or GED, or are taking college or vocational courses.

For more information please email Elizabeth at “”


Please email us for information if you are interested in a particular  service, but it is not yet listed on our calendar.